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Note: Since the great change in alexa system in Aug.2013., alexa.com only shows information of global rank (i.e. 3-month average alexa rank). It usually takes only 4-5 days to see the primary improvement,one month to improve your one-month average alexa rank,and 3 months to improve your 3-month average alexa rank. Example : So if you need to improve your 3-month average alexa rank to 100,000 level, it takes 3 months when you order the 100,000 level package. If you’d like to do it sooner, you need to order higher level packages, such as the 30,000 level one which takes only 1 month to improve your 3-month average alexa rank to 100,000 level. Alexa certified domain is not accepted. We won’t be able to improve rank, which is certified.

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